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StarCraft 2 Tips



Top Rated Starcraft 2 Tips:



Shokz Guide

Shokz Guide

What it Promises:

Shokz is a frequently updated/online based StarCraft 2 tips member site/guide available to give players of this sequel to the best selling original all of the tips and edge that they need to smoke out their competition, regardless of their race choice and game play strategy. It was written by a diamond level ( beta testers of the game who knows all of the ins and outs and wrote the guide so that first time players can expontentially improve on their level while focusing more on a wealth of strategies for more experience players.

How it Works:

This guide offers information in different sections. First, there is a downloadable guide which offers basic strategies for players new to the game.

The real wealth of information comes with your access to the membership site. Here there are 100+ pages of individual strategies in video plus description format so you can see the strategy being employed in front of your eyes in addition to reading about it. Here is an exemplary video of the Zerg Extractor Trick:


There are strategies for first time players as well as more experienced players so that everyone can find something to improve upon. It also goes into greath depth on build orders and the strengths and weaknesses of different races and how they match up against each other so that you'll be covered no matter who or what you're playing as, with, or against.

Also included are videos detailing walkthroughs for each of the Wings of Liberty campaign missions. Here is one for Mission 5, "Smash and Grab":


Because the guide is updated frequently with new information all the time both from the author and other members, many gamers opt to go for a guide such as this versus the official hard copy guide you can buy in stores because the official guide leaves a great deal of information out, oftentimes being marketed to first time players of the game exclusively and focusing on the campaign mode, largely omitting the multi player strategies which most gamers buy the game for. Additionally, oftentimes the best strategies are those which individuals come up with themselves after playing extensively.

Below is a random sampling of some of the topics covered by Shokz:

  • More than 100 specialized guides on both the Terran, Zerg, and Protoss races, including individual unit guides for each race
  • Scouting
  • Mining and Gathering
  • General Hot Keys
  • Galaxy Editor Guide
  • Team Guides
  • Hot Key and Micro Tip Video
  • StarCraft 2 Hot Key Guide
  • Shift Command Guide
  • Starcraft 2 Terms/Lingo


There is also now a section in which you can submit and request guides on StarCraft 2 tips which you have read about or come upon yourself and want to be made part of the guide.

Signed up members of the guide/site can now register for the first official member's only tournament, with $1500 in prizes to be given away with the top prize being a custom built computer.

Additional Resources:
User Reviews:

Beats the hell out of Bradygames.

-Mel, New York 4.5/5

There's tons of guides for each race and videos to show how they do it. I'm a protoss man myself. The void ray rush works every time!

-Ivan, West Virginia 4.5/5

I haven't tried other guides so I don't have anything to compare it to. Everything's put together really well so that you can read the strategy then check out the video right below it. Plus I can attest that they keep the guides updated, 3 new guides were there between when I first logged in and the next time, so it's not a situation where they talk about updates but you enver see them.

-Steven, U.K. 4/5

Now that the game is out the member's guides are updated literally every day with something new. Awesome awesome guide.

-Jamie, Maryland 4.5/5

Overall Rating:

Given the breadth and depth of information offered in this guide combined with unique StarCraft 2 tips for players of every experience level as well as the constant updates for life so that the StarCraft 2 tips will multiply and evolve as the game experience does, as well, with more and more players, we give this guide an overall 4.5 out of 5.


Visit Website:


#2 Rated Guide in Starcraft 2 Tips:





What it Promises:

Star2Pros is one of the first StarCraft 2 tip guides available to give players of this sequel to the best selling original all of the tips and edge that they need to smoke out their competition, regardless of their race choice and game play strategy. It was written by two platinum level beta testers of the game who know all of the ins and outs and was designed so that first time players can pick up the game and, by employing the strategies in the guide, defeat any opponent.

How it Works:

Before getting into the specifics which you get with the StarCraft 2 tips guide, it should be noted that with the guide you get constant updates for life so given that the game is still in its infancy we can expect multiple additions in the coming weeks and months.

Star2Pros offers information on the following:

- 1v1 Advanced Strategies – This is for when only taking on one opponent by yourself. It includes information on how to take down your opponent regardless of which race you choose and your opponent chooses. Each strength and weakness for each race is clearly laid out so that you can use them for yourself and against your enemy.

- 2v2 Advanced Strategies – When playing two versus two, the game play can change substantially with multiple races and players. This offers information on how to most effectively play with your teammate with the various races.

- Videos and Replays of Every Strategy – As part of the learning process with this StarCraft 2 tips guide, games which the authors play themselves are recorded in downloadable video format and will be covered in depth to give you a much better, first person feel for the strategies covered in the guide.

- Tournament Play Strategies –This section is for the especially advanced players who are looking to play on the same level and amongst the highest level of players in the world. It covers the strategies used by the experts for those with a better grasp on the game.

- 24 Hour Tech support team - If you've got any questions, the two authors of the guide are easily accessible 24 hours a day. On occasion they've been known to play/train players firsthand.

At the time of this review, additional strategies and specifically 3 versus 3 and 4 versus 4 strategies are coming soon via update, so watch for that in the coming weeks.

Check out a video of the official game trailer below and get excited:

Additional Resources:
User Reviews:

Just got this guide last night. So far impressed with the content and am looking forward to the updates!

-Jorge, New York 4/5


Overall Rating:

Given the positive reviews coupled with the fact that they offer gameplay strategies for different pairings of players as well as the constant updates for life so that the StarCraft 2 tips guide will continue to improve and evolve with the game experience of playing with more and more players, we give this guide an overall 4 out of 5.


Visit Website:

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