Are the reviews on this site really from people who have tested them firsthand?

User submitted reviews are the lifeblood of this site. We encourage any honest feedback about a program from anyone who has used it firsthand. If you have a review, please email us in the contact section and be sure to specify the product’s name and your experiences with it. We also ask that you include your overall rating of that product on a scale of 1-10 which will be averaged into its existing score on our site.

What guarantee is there on these products?

Each and every product reviewed here is sold through a reputable central hub/distrubution site like Clickbank or Plimus. Each and every product sold through these sites comes with an iron clad, 8 week money back guarantee, so if you are disatisfied with a purchase you made in that time you can receive a prompt refund, no questions asked.

How are refunds rates calculated?

If the product is sold through a site such as Clickbank, these details are given through doing some simple math based on the figures for that product. When affiliates point customers in the direction of a sale, they ultimately earn a commission on that sale. Analytical figures given and accounted for include the average amount earned per sale (which takes refunds into account) versus the total amount possible per sale. So if the average amount is a small fraction of the total earned figure, you know that the refund rate is extremely high and that that particular product is of low quality.

Why aren’t prices listed?

While price figures into the ratings given in the reviews in terms of overall value, most prices on these products constantly (slightly) fluctuate to reflect temporary discounts/bonuses, not to mention many publishers constantly tweak their product’s prices to test conversions. Oftentimes they’ll not outright or vocally advertise a change in price, particularly if the price is raised, so it’s best to visit the site yourself to get the most up to date and exact prices.