Fed Up With a Barking Dog? Stop the Barking With These Techniques

If you have or even live near a barking dog, stop living with it and start doing something about it. In this article I’m going to address three different ways to quiet a barking dog.

First, there’s the classical route of taking a dog in for obedience classes. Your dog is taught by people who know how to get the responses of dogs that they want so that you can instill the kind of behavior that you want from your dog without having a do it yourself. Obviously the drawback to obedience classes is that they are both time-consuming as well as expensive.

Another method which is somewhat controversial amongst different people is using a shock collar to control dog barking. This is a different kind of form of behavioral training because every time your dog barks, something within the shock collar recognizes this and answers that barking with a quick and mostly harmless shock to the dog.

Over time, the dog learns to associate the shocking with barking so that eventually your dog is trained to stop barking altogether. Obviously this method works by inflicting physical pain to your pet, though exactly how much pain seems to differ depending on who you are talking to about it.

The most cost effective and humane way to get a barking dog to stop is to use a different kind of behavioral therapy, a device called BarkOff. This is a small device about the size of a cell phone which activates a high-pitched sound frequency in response to every time your dog barks.

Rather than shocking the dog, this high-frequency pitch which only dogs can hear commands your dog’s attention and effectively and essentially interrupts your dog’s barking. Over time, the dog associates barking or more specifically the sound emitted from BarkOff as a time in which he should not be barking.

I like BarkOff because you can train your dog on a case-by-case basis so that when you have friends over, you can turn on the device and be assured that your dog may bark a couple of times and after that he will keep quiet.

Conversely, in the middle of the night you likely want to keep this off unless your dog has a serious problem of barking at night for no good reason. By leaving it off at night, you are assured that your dog will remain as vigilant and more importantly loud as ever in case of actual danger or if you have someone like an intruder breaking into your home.

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