How Do You Stop a Dog From Barking?

One of the most commonly asked questions by dog owners is how do you stop a dog from barking. Uncontrolled dog barking can ruin your sleep in the middle of the night or annoy your neighbors. In this article I’m going to talk about a few of the options which you have available to you in terms of how do you stop a dog from barking.

First off, there is the questionable and somewhat controversial method of using a shock collar to effectively scare your dog out of barking. The shock collar works so that every time your dog barks, the collar recognizes this and emits a small shock which startles the dog.

Over time the dog learns to associate the shocking with his own barking and through that repetition learns to keep quiet. Some people are against this method which only works because you are scaring and hurting your dog, how much so seems to depend on the source of who you’re asking, but it’s a controversial method all the same.

Because the shock collar is still questionable for so many people, a new device called BarkOff has been gaining rave reviews as a humane yet completely effective method for how do you stop a dog from barking. Instead of sending a shock of electrical charge to the dog, this is a small device which is kept in proximity to your dog and when your dog barks it recognizes this and emits a small high-pitched frequency which is only audible to dogs who have a much larger spectrum of what they can hear than humans do.

Instead of shocking the dog, the sound waves interrupt your dog’s barking and command your dog’s attention immediately so that they stop barking immediately. You can use this device whenever you need to so that you can retrain your dog an individual situations as opposed to scaring your dog from barking altogether.

This means you can train your dog to keep quiet at night if you like or when your friends come over. You can also use it wherever you take your dog because the device itself is battery powered and has an effective range of about 30 feet while being the size of a cell phone. This makes it perfect to bring along on walks and long car trips which are much more manageable without the barking.

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