My Dog Won’t Stop Barking

I’ve owned two Siberian Huskies for about four years now and when they were just pups I had a constant problem with them making noise at all times of the day and night. I’ve had friends who’ve tried obedience classes but never had very much success, so I went online looking for ways to retrain a dog’s barking patterns. If you are constantly saying my dog won’t stop barking yourself, consider this method which I used to retrain my dogs barking habits.

I use a device called BarkOff which is battery powered and about the size of your cell phone. What this is is a device which uses a method called sound therapy to retrain your dog’s barking habits.

Every time your dog barks, the device emits a high-frequency sound wave in response which is only audible and perceptible to dogs because of the pitch. Rather than hurting the dog like shock collars do or scaring it, the sound waves interrupt your dog’s barking patterns because they are effectively commanding your dog’s attention.

This causes your dog to immediately silence in the middle of barking and through repetition every time he tries to bark it will again be interrupted with this frequency. Over time, your dog begins to associate the sound with a time in which he should not be barking.

This is important because it means that you can retrain your dog’s barking habits on a case-by-case or individual basis. This is important for dog owners who initially may have gotten her dogs for safety reasons to alert them and warn them in case of an emergency. You can ensure that your dog will remain as vocal as ever and times of troubles and emergencies but in situations where you don’t want them making so much noise like when you have company over, you can turn on the device and after a few initial barks, your dog will eat quiet.

The device is so small and has an effective radius of over 30 feet so that you can take this device and train your dog wherever you take your dog. This is especially helpful I’ve found during walks or especially long car trips with the family. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the car with a noisy dog, let alone two, so BarkOff effectively and humanely retrains your dog’s barking and keeps them quiet in situations in which you dictate it.

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