Stopping a Dog From Barking

There are a number of different ways for stopping a dog from barking. In this article I will take a look at three different methods for stopping a dog from barking which are effective and which will not break the bank.

First you have the shock collar. Just like a normal collar, this goes around your dog’s neck and works every time your dog barks like giving off a small shock so that through behavioral training, the dog learns to associate barking with the shock and eventually stops barking altogether. Obviously the drawback with this method is that you are inflicting a level of surprise or pain to your dog, albeit a small amount. A lot of people avoid this method out of principle as a result.

You can also go the classic route of obedience classes. These classes will train your dog in a number of different areas which includes stopping a dog from barking. Of course if your dog’s only issue is barking, this can be an expensive method and is generally intended to work with a whole host of behavioral problems which a dog can have.

Finally, you have dog whistles and BarkOff. These two methods work to train your dog’s barking habits through high-pitched sounds which capture your dog’s attention. This is a humane way of stopping a dog from barking because no physical pain is inflicted and you are simply interrupting your dog’s barking patterns.

The great thing about sound therapy is that you can choose which situations in which your dog barks and train them in those individual situations with the sound therapy. So if you just want your dog to keep quiet when you have company over, you can use the whistle or BarkOff whenever you have company over as this ensures that your dog does not keep quiet in all situations across the board but just the ones that you want them to keep quiet in.

This is important for people who get dogs in the first place for security reasons so that they’ll continue to make noise in case of emergencies or break-ins.

Whistles obviously require you to manually train your dog whenever they bark during undesired times whereas BarkOff is an automatic device about the size of a cell phone which emits a high-pitched frequency sound wave automatically in response to your dog’s barking. It has a range of 20 feet and is only $10 when you buy it through this link.

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